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Hi, I'm Catherine, a mixed media artist living in my home town of Bedford. I've moved around quite a bit living in Plymouth, Birmingham, California and Manchester but returned home as I ached for the countryside and to be near my family.

Pedley's are a creative bunch whether that be painting, writing, dance, cooking, textiles, acting, printing, wood carving, gardening - creating has always been a part of my life and I find inspiration all around me. Wide open spaces in Norfolk with bent pine trees and huge sky's or repeated architectural lines in cities, crisscrossing to reveal a new perspective. I guess the main constant is lines...I just love them! I'm drawn to the meeting point of one surface to another - a horizon/border/seam. That thin space, the in-between sometimes just a hairs breadth - love it! 

Mark making, pen and ink, stamping, scraping all feature in my work, along with the usual suspects of paper and canvas, acrylic and oil. Plus I'm partial to a re purposed surface, mix in some alternative mediums such as emulsion, nail varnish or shoe polish - now we're talking!